Business operations are affected by software performance and quality. We strive to deliver high-quality software performance and smooth user engagement.

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Software Development

Our services cover Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. We help improve operations through road mapping, assessment, and strategy. Software development quality makes a big difference and affects how businesses work. Our goal is to deliver high-quality software and smooth user engagement. Using our software development offerings, you'll obtain expert team members, scale rapidly, minimise risk, and keep up with the latest technological trends.

API Development and API Integration

We develop APIs which are scalable and fast, meaning you can build incredible mobile apps, websites, and middleware. We also have the capability to integrate with other APIs and services via different protocols.

Mobile App Development

The world is mobile-first now and almost all the services on the internet have an app. We build fast, smooth mobile apps to your requirements, utilising cutting edge features such as biometric logins and augmented reality.

Prototype and Concept Development

Every big product starts with MVP or POC, and all are in a hurry to get the minimum viable product out within budget and time constraints. We can team with you to get your first prototype out - fast.

Tech Maintenance

Development is not enough, the best products need ongoing maintenance to keep the wheels in motion. Keeping servers updated and zero-downtime deployments are what we’re known for.

Security and Compliance

We ensure our team complies with the security-related requirements needed for your organisation at all times. Password policies, access policies (both physical and virtual), and connectivity with clients' infrastructure/ third parties are well managed to make sure we stay within the compliance practices of our clients.

We’re proud to be implementation partners for Railsbank and eBao

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Data Science

From Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI, we help our clients navigate the world of real-time analytics. We improve operations through road mapping, assessment, and strategy. Our experts have been hand-picked based on their specific expertise, so you can concentrate on your project instead of hiring. Learn more

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Data Engineering

Designing architecture for Data Science projects by combining data sources in your data pipeline, and activities like data extraction, cleansing, transformation, and loading.

Machine Learning

Engineering ML models for Forecasting, Churn Prediction, Anomaly Detection, Fraud Detection, Recommendation Engine design, and Image Recognition applications.


Creating optimal product bundles using techniques like Market Basket Analysis, provide optimal supply chain solutions in terms of logistics, and robotic process automations to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency.

Customer Insight

Based on past data and consumer activities identifying persona maps of key user groups, profitable user behaviour and segmentation for marketing purposes.

Operational Analytics

Providing strategic solutions using real-time data analysis and business intelligence to improve efficiency and streamlining the day-to-day operations.

Web Analytics

Generate hidden insights by mining your website data via big data analytics using funnel, path and cohort analysis techniques.

Data Visualisation

Telling stories using interactive visualisations and techniques like correlation matrices, network diagrams, plotting techniques and word clouds.

Natural Language Processing

Helping to automatically manipulate or process large sets of natural language in speech and text of your company for sentiment analysis, and automotive text prediction model building for Chatbots and content generation.

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Great Support

Based on the software, specialisation, and support level needed, our flexible system allows our clients to pick the right practice for their needs.

Proof of Concept [POC]

Invest in a full-scale project only after the concept has been tested safely with our team. We will help you prove the viability of your project to decision-makers.

Agile Product Development

Ensure faster deployment by building application infrastructure with an agile approach. Every two weeks, we publish a new release, allowing your product to grow rapidly while learning from each rollout.

Your Product, Your Team

We love working with companies on a long-term basis, but we also offer companies the flexibility to work with us on a project basis. With our staff augmentation model, upsizing and downsizing your company’s skill and capacity becomes an easier task.

What Our Clients Say...


Rhino Partners has played an instrumental role in our team since Vuulr
started. In early 2018, Rhino’s remit was to establish a nimble engineering
team and drive architecture that would last well into the future. We were
impressed with Rhino’s ability to deliver our MVP in short order. Following
the…Read More

Chris Drumgoole

Vuulr CTO

Rhino Partners

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