A new approach in digital-based negotiation system for Vuulr

Vuulr is a global online marketplace for premium Film & TV content rights, connecting distributors, managing bidding, and negotiations with buyers & sellers of content worldwide. The company aims to transform the business industry using the latest technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Through the platform, buyers and sellers can negotiate and make a deal directly, saving time and cost for buyers and sellers at the same time.

Rhino Partners built the Architectural design and have been building Vuulr products across multiple releases and feature sets. To meet the demand and supply of the participants across multiple platforms, Rhino also built an ultimate negotiation platform to help buyers and sellers negotiate directly and easily.

Platform: Web

Main technology: PHP, React Js, MySql, Algolia

About Vuulr

A B2B digital Film and TV marketplace where content is showcased instantly to a trusted global community of buyers, reaching new audiences and new markets 24/7. Buyers can go from content discovery to deal in days, instead of months. Negotiations and transactions are done entirely online, creating time and cost savings for buyers and sellers alike.

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