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VentureCap has information on thousands of investors that have invested in Startups in Singapore and Southeast Asia. From angel investors and family offices to VCs, large companies and other types of investors. Accurate, comprehensive and has key data other platforms cannot get.

Rhino Partners helped VentureCap to build the tech and display key financial data from each company. The main scope is to deliver a robust and up to date platform with accurate financial data to the users and provide technical support when necessary. They also required a lean flexible module, which could be upscaled based on current demand for features.

The site continuously added more features and functionalities, such as fund performance, companies’ milestones, email addresses of directors/founders, financial statements, audit opinion, and an API to request data from the VentureCap Insights.

To ensure accuracy of data, twice or once a week, newly updated data is pushed to the site via running an algorithm incorporated with Algolia. Also, an access control list has to be built to push the customers to subscribe to the top pricing plans by limiting the access to some features only for specific subscription plans. As a result trail users also now have the functionality to access custom features upon request. A multiple login detection system also had to build to track down the users who share their credentials.

Our team ensure the timely delivery of new features with the help of following services:

  • A.Wireframe Designing
  • B.Laravel Web Application Development
  • C.Algolia elastic search service
  • D.Custom report generation via MySQL
  • E.Integration and Handling of AWS services
  • F.Testing and quality assurance
  • G.Maintaining

Platform: Web

Main technology: PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, Algolia

About VentureCap Insights

The only source of accurate, comprehensive and up to date information on fundraising, valuations and revenue for startups and venture-backed companies. Updated daily, it will show the latest financials as soon as they are filed, and the latest funding and valuations as soon as companies issue new shares.

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