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Custom Insurance Fraud Detection Software

Insurance fraud has existed since the start of insurance companies. These are a wide range of crimes that go undiscovered and cost the insurance business ...

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Insurance Claim Automation & Prediction

From claim registration to claim settlement, machine learning is applied in a range of applications. Future claims and the costs connected with them can be ...

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Machine Learning in Telecommunication

Telecommunications companies provide global communication services over the phone or the internet, using airwaves, wires, or wireless technology. The business is built on the infrastructure ...

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Computer Vision in Retail Industry

What is Computer Vision Computer vision is a discipline of computer science that tries to mimic some of the complexity of the human vision system, ...

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Blockchain in Data Science

What connects Blockchain and Data Science is Data. Blockchain is a methodology that can be used to certify/validate and store data securely, whereas Data Science ...

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Machine Learning for Multi-purpose Business Applications

When you visit YouTube or Netflix to watch a movie or a video, you will find content similar to the content that you have watched ...

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Data Analytics for Business Empowerment

What is Data Analytics? Data analytics is the science of methodologically analyzing raw data to derive insightful conclusions. It is a fast-moving practice that studies ...

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Why you need personalized Recommender Systems

What are Recommender Engines/systems Firstly, we need to understand what a recommendation system really consists of. Let’s take a real-life scenario of who uses ...

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What is AI and medical imaging?

Artificial Intelligence or simply AI- the ability of a computer to work by its own-trained intelligence was able to make a huge impact on the ...

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Computer Vision – People Detection & Face recognition

Introduction to People Detection and Face Recognition What is Object Detection: Figure 1. Object Detection Object detection is a computer vision and image processing technique ...

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Best Visualization Tools – Crucial Visualization in Modern Day

Introduction to Data Visualization What is Data Visualization? Data Visualization is a graphical representation of data. We can say that visualization is the storyteller of ...

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Sentiment Analysis

Introduction What is Sentiment Analysis? Sentiment Analysis is the subject area that is involved in dealing with human feelings, responses, judgments which are derived from ...

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